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The person behind Beyond Measure is Olaf, an 18 year old passionate UX/UI designer and no-code developer. Olaf builds websites using Webflow, a powerful no-code platform that creates websites with clean code and excellent customizability.

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What they say about me

β€œOlaf has shown remarkable talent in design and Webflow development, displaying a rare blend of creativity and technical view at just 18. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are infectious, making him a valuable addition to any project.”

Rick Bossenbroek
Founder Uncode

"Olaf surprised me and exceeded my expectations by far. For someone of his age, he is very professional, decisive, and fast. You rarely come across someone like him. An absolute recommendation if you're looking for someone in the field of UX."

Maarten Bennis
Co-founder SMPL

"Olaf is a super-talented UI/UX designer and researcher and helped us with our media kit design. He listened well to our big problem and came up with an amazing solution, absolutely amazing and knocked it out of the park. πŸš€"

Ahmed Yahya
Founder Biokit

"Olaf is truly a partner you can rely on when you want a custom-made website. Olaf is super professional and very collaborative. No agency that has been around for 20 years can match that. We are very grateful, Olaf!"

Lidwien Jansen
Co-founder SMPL

"Olaf has been incredibly helpful to us. One of the key aspects was that he didn't just passively execute, but also provided feedback on the implications of our choices. I would definitely recommend his services."

Joram Usmany
Founder Juridify

"The structured approach of Beyond Measure by Olaf appealed to us very much. With his network for checks and feedback on the concept, we are more visible online and findable on the world wide web. Olaf's process approach works for a better result!"

Frans Pijnenborg
Co-founder ITST Global
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